MODBUS to Profibus DP(OEM Module)



MODBUS to Profibus DP

The main feature of M-series built-in module is embedded into the device with Modbus interface, making it is able to access to the mainstream fieldbus network. M- series modules have the characteristics of same size, same interface, easy to upgrade and easy to configure. Using our various modules, users need to modify the hardware just once to achieve device with different fieldbus protocols.

M-series built-in module provides protocol transformation capabilities from Modbus to PROFIBUS DP,PROFIBUS PA, HART and Foundation Fieldbus.

Same Size


Same Interface

The connector of M series built-in modules is 2.54 pitch 16 pin, function of them are compatible.

Easy to Upgrade

To realize the devices with different protocols, Replace it with different modules

Easy to configure

 Please use the special tool provided for configuration, it is easy to operate.

 Connecting with different control system (Siemens, Emerson, Schneider Electronics, ABB, Yokogawa, Rockwell, etc).

 Support the process of the mainstream industry communication protocols (PROFIBUS DP,PROFIBUS PA, HART and Foundation Fieldbus).

 Support DD files, easy to configure parameters.

 Support three-year warranty from the date of purchase.


VCC(MCU power):5.0V 120mA / 3.3V 100mA

DP bus baud rate

Baud rate self- adaption:9.6K~12Mbps

Protocol before transition

Modbus GB/Z 19582.1-2004

Protocol after transition

Profibus DP GB/T 20540.1~.6-2006

DP max input data

Max Input Bytes ≤ 244 Bytes

DP max output data

Max Output Bytes ≤ 244 Bytes

DP max total input and output data

Input Bytes + Output Bytes ≤ 360 Bytes

max user data

Max User Data Bytes ≤ 200 Bytes

Max IO configuration data

Max IO Configuration Data Bytes ≤ 20 Bytes

Temperature range

-40℃ ~ +85℃

Humidity range

5 ~ 95%RH

Start time

≤ 5s


14 g

Dimension (L×W×H)

65×42×14 mm

Electromagnetic compatibility

GB/T 18268.1

Noise interference

EN 61131-2:2003

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